Cassandra Blackthorn

Paralegal, Mech's Ex-Wife


Mech’s contact (ex-wife)
Connection: 2
Loyalty: 4

Age: 55
Location: XXXXX
Physical Description: Human

  • As a daughter of MCT employees, she grew up with a “normal” life
  • She met Mech and they introduced each other to their respective worlds
  • As time passed, they agreed to settle down, and Mech managed to get a job with MCT via her parents putting his mechanic and engineering skills to use
  • Cassandra trained to become a Paralegal for MCT
  • After some time, Cassandra and Mech had a child together Lauren
  • Once Mech lost his arm in the industrial accident, Cassandra watched her husband descend into BTLs
  • Unable to help Mech recover his footing, over time their relationship soured
  • Cassandra eventually kicked Mech out of the house and divorced him
  • Cassandra knows that Mech is getting into grey business, and whilst she disapproves, she chooses not to enquire for the sake of Lauren
  • At the same token, Cassandra does not want Lauren to be influenced too much by Mech as she perceives him as a bad influence

Cassandra Blackthorn

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